Pools are a fun place to hang out when you want to hang out at a pool.

Nugget Pool (A)

The Pool at the Nugget is Excellent. It is a huge indoor atrium, and great for those less-than-summer months. Since it gets windy in Reno a lot, an indoor pool can be a good thing! More information about the Nugget Pool.

Peppermill Pool (A)

The Peppermill's expansion includes several large outdoor pools of various shapes, including an upper-deck pool. This is a great place to hang out and see or be seen. However, since the pools are outside they're closed during the Winter months.

Grand Sierra Pool (A-)

The outdoor pool at the Grand Sierra its large and has lots of neat features. There's a sand play area, sand volleyball, a poolside grill and bar. At night the pool area converts to "The Beach" nightclub. Definitely one of the better places to hang out poolside during the Summer!

Sands Pool (B+)

The Sands has an outdoor pool on their property--but when you hear "Sands" and "Pool" together, they're known for their weekly Summer Pool Parties. Hosted every Friday night, the pool parties bring out a younger crowd intent on a free party. There's a volleyball court and outside blackjack, as well as bar and grill service. More information about the Sands Pool.

Atlantis Pool (B-)

The Pool at the Atlantis is located on the 3rd floor of the Hotel, near the Spa area. Its a nice place to sit around, but not long enough to do laps.

Harrah's Pool (B-)

Harrah's has an outdoor pool and sundeck located off the 5th floor. Its open seasonally.

Silver Legacy Pool (B-)

The Silver Legacy has an outdoor pool that is open during the Summer and warm-enough months (approx May to October).

Eldorado Pool (B-)

The Pool at the Eldorado is free to hotel guests, and located outside the 5th floor. Its not terribly large or fancy, but it *does* have a bar right there!

Siena Pool (C+)

There is a small pool and deck located at the Siena.