Retail Shopping

Beyond the gift shop are true stores, with clothing, shoes, and other things you might want while you're here.

Grand Sierra Retail Shopping (A+)

There are 15 additional stores located throughout the Grand Sierra, mostly downstairs. There's stuff here ranging from clothing to athletic equipment (including ski rental), as well as an ice creamery and more!

Peppermill Retail Shopping (A)

A clothing store called La Boutique is at the Peppermill, and has a variety of high-end clothing, golf wear, accessories, and other things you might have forgotten at home or want to give as a gift.

Silver Legacy Retail Shopping (A-)

There is a variety of retail shopping at the Legacy, including 6 stores. (5 if you don't want to buy a Harley Davidson!)

Circus Circus Retail Shopping (B-)

There are five small stores located at the Circus, some inexpensive clothing, a jeweler, gifts, etc. There's no high-end, large, or fancy stores here.