Spa and Salon

Reviews and Information about all the Spas and Salons available in the Casinos.

Peppermill Spa and Salon (A)

The Spa Toscana at the Peppermill was recently and thoroughly renovated as part of their expansion. The facility is impressive and has a wide variety of services. Unfortunately, the prices are also relatively high--a 50 minute massage can cost $110. However, if you're looking for an excellent spa experience, consider Spa Toscana.

Siena Spa and Salon (B+)

The Siena Spa has a wide range of services, including massage, wraps, body polish, facials, waxing and mani/pedis. There is also a jacuzzi, fitness center, and pool there. Look for their specials and packages.

Atlantis Spa and Salon (B)

The Spa at the Atlantis recently went though a major renovation. The new facility is very nice, and unfortunately is very expensive to match. If you don't care how much you spend its a fine experience, but there are other Spa and Salons around that are just as good at a fraction of the price.

Harrah's Spa and Salon (B-)

The Spa at Harrah's has a basic service range, including massage, skin treatments, waxing, etc.

Grand Sierra Spa and Salon (B-)

There is a small Spa located near the pool at the Grand Sierra. They have massage, wraps, waxing, as well as in-room massage. Be aware of the 24-hour cancellation policy.

Silver Legacy Spa and Salon (C+)

The Spa at the Silver Legacy has basic massage, body, and skin treatments. Day passes are available for hotel guests. The spa also has cardio equipment.

Nugget Spa and Salon (No Grade)

Chonne's Salon and Spa is a full-service spa located in the Nugget. More information about the Nugget Spa and Salon.

Sands Spa and Salon (No Grade)

The Sands has a small boutique located on the main casino floor. They specialize in haircuts, styling, coloring, manicures, pedicures, etc. More information about the Sands Spa and Salon.